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Coin Laundry for Sales in Mississippi

Laundry South is a company that was founded based on entrepreneurial spirit and continues to believe that spirit is alive and well throughout the United States.  Servicing Mississippi, Northern Louisiana, and Western Tennessee, Laundry South has the expertise to develop a single store location or multi-store locations within a large market. Whether you are a single store owner in a small market or a multi-store owner in a large market, we have the proven equipment mix to make you store successful.


Coin Laundry Sales MississippiThe main objective of Laundry South is to provide the necessary tools to give the best return on your investment. Coin Laundries have shown stable income and continued growth throughout the business financial cycles, as long as sound business goals are implemented. Having developed 9 stores and operating 8 stores within the Mississippi market, Laundry South feels it has the experience and expertise to help our customers make sound financial decisions within the coin laundry markets. Laundry South has the expertise to help you with the following steps.


  • Site selection and analysis for your landromat
  • Coin Laundry Equipment selection
  • Choose store management option – coin or card
  • Financing Options
  • Installation of your coin washer and dryers
  • Start-up and Training
  • On-going Support

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