The Ultimate Coin Laundry Machine Repair Guide

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Did you know that, according to GlobeNewswire, the size of the US laundry facilities and dry-cleaning services market is expected to be over $14 billion by the year 2028? This would occur with a compounded annual growth rate of 4% between 2021 and 2028.

As the owner of a laundry facility that includes coin laundry machine services, these statistics demonstrate how much money you can make in your industry. However, like with any business, there are problems you can face.

When it comes to commercial laundry machines, one of these problems is when your coin laundry commercial machine isn’t working. This can be incredibly stressful, especially if you don’t know how to fix it.

Fortunately, in this guide, we’ll show how to do coin laundry machine repairs. Finally, your commercial laundry equipment can work properly and you can continue running your business successfully.

When Your Washer (Or Dryer) Won’t Start

One of the most common problems that require washer and dryer repair is when your dryer or washer won’t start. Fortunately, to repair this problem, there are several steps you can take. To get started, check to see whether the machine is plugged in.

Sometimes, the machine running causes it to move, causing it to become unplugged. If this isn’t the problem, follow the next steps. If the first doesn’t work, try the second.

  • Check your fuses
  • Try using another setting

If these two steps don’t work, then your dryer or washer repair is best left to a professional. Get in touch with a commercial laundry solutions expert to find a professional who can figure out what’s going on and fix your washer or dryer.

When the Washer Won’t Fill With Water

If you’re having this problem, it’s probably a problem with the inlet hose. If it’s damaged or leaking, then there will be an issue with the water coming through properly. A temporary solution is to place a patch where the damage is. Then, you can replace the hose.

However, if you aren’t familiar with this process, you should have an expert who specializes in laundry and dryer repair do this for you.

When a Coin Is Stuck

Another problem that can occur with a coin-operated laundry or dryer machine is that a coin gets stuck. In an ideal situation, you can press the machine’s coin return button. But sometimes, it still won’t come out. Here are some things you can do to try to fix the problem:

  • Slap the side where the coin slot’s located
  • Unjam the coin with a small piece of wood
  • Use tweezers to pull out the coin

Another option is to put a different coin into the machine slot. When doing this, you can attempt dislodging the first coin. You can also utilize a utility knife if the coin’s tipped over within the coin slot. Push it with the utility knife so it becomes upright.

This might make it easier for the coin to go through the machine. However, what happens if it isn’t the coin that’s the problem, but actually the coin slide? In this case, take these steps:

  • Take the coin slide store tray out
  • Empty the coin slide store tray
  • Check to see if the coin shoot is blocked
  • Remove the top face maintenance panel
  • Take out the long bolt

Then, disconnect any of the wiring that’s attached to the slot mechanism. Next, free the mechanism carefully from the housing. At this point, you should be able to see what debris or coin is causing the problem. Clear it.

Final Steps

Then, test the mechanism. After you’re sure that it works, put everything back together again. If you keep having this problem, you’ll have to replace the mechanism. In this case, call in a professional to do this. Whatever your laundry machine, options for repair will be available.

The Dryer Isn’t Drying

Another problem that can occur with a coin laundry machine is when the dryer isn’t drying. The cause of this could be the heating elements malfunctioning. As a result, the dryer wouldn’t be producing the minimum amount of hot air needed to dry the laundry. To check these elements, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the dryer
  • Remove the panels covering the heating elements
  • Check the elements

Note that you can only check whether these elements are defective is with a multimeter. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to call a professional to check the elements. Additionally, if you check them yourself and they’re defective, a professional will have to come in to fix them.

The Washing Machine’s Drum Won’t Spin

If the washing machine’s drum won’t spin, the washing machine might be overfilled. Remove some of the items inside, readjust them, and try again. You should also check whether the “gentle action” button, on the control panel, is pressed.

In the case where it is, it causes the agitation cycle to occur in reverse. To fix this problem, release the button. Then, the cycle should be normal again.

Is neither of these solutions working? It could be a broken belt. Take a look behind the machine, where you can see the pulleys and belt. You’ll know if it’s broken. If you see that it is, replace it.

Just be careful that you don’t get your fingers stuck!

If this doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s time to call in a professional to help you.

Need Your Coin Laundry Machine Repaired?

Now that you’ve learned about how to fix your coin laundry machine with our repair guide, you might have found that you need a professional to come in to repair it. If this is the case and you’re based in Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, or Arkansas, Laundry South can help.

At Laundry South, we’re experts when it comes to commercial laundry equipment repairs and maintanance.

For more information about your commercial laundry equipment needs, contact Laundry South now.

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