Top Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment in Memphis, TN—Your Business Solution to Productivity

Memphis is full of opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow. While there are many thriving industries, one sector that particularly stands out is the laundry business. The demand for laundry services is stable and supported by a variety of sectors, including residential, tourism, healthcare, and education.

Successful laundry businesses are those that adapt to evolving customer preferences and industry trends while staying on the cutting edge of innovation. Therefore, investing in high-quality coin-operated laundry equipment in Memphis offers a solid opportunity for success in the industry.

At Laundry South, we’re committed to supporting your commercial laundry with tailored solutions that help increase efficiency, maximize profits, and keep your customers satisfied.

With more than 16 years in the laundry business, we have cultivated a strong network with leading commercial laundry brands like Dexter, positioning us at the forefront of industry expertise and product knowledge.

Whether you are starting a new commercial laundry venture or expanding your existing one, you can rely on our machines to consistently deliver outstanding results and unmatched reliability.

Melia c’mone
Scott is wonderful! He always comes in nice and friendly. We can always be assured that any issues we are having with the laundry services will be taken care of once he leaves here at the Courtyard Marriott
Forest creek of ruston llc (forest creek apartments)
Forest Creek of Ruston LLC (Forest Creek Apartments)
Scott Adcock with Laundry South has been servicing our laundry equipment for several years. He is professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. He will trouble-shoot until he identifies the problem and makes the repairs. We love Scott and his willingness to listen and interpret! He always has a smile and friendly attitude. Analyse is amazing as well and always goes above and beyond.We highly recommend Laundry South and Scott!
Quality inn
quality inn
Scott is the the BEST , I really like how through he is and very knowledgeable.
Gabrieal powell
Gabrieal Powell
Mr Scott Adcock did exactly what he was suppose to and truly recommend him and the company for quality work. Very professional.
Mende alford
Mende Alford
We have been a customer for 18 years. The service given by Chaz and his staff is impeccable. Anytime we have called they have been to our property within a 24 hour period. The last time we had Scott come to our facility and we was very knowledgeable and persistent on getting our problem fixed. We highly recommend!!
Blake sullivan
Blake Sullivan
Very good experience doing business with Chaz Ramsey at Laundry South.
Kishan gopal
Kishan Gopal
Chaz Ramsey has been our representative for over 20 projects; he always works with us on pricing but more importantly has always delivered on service not just in town but through multiple states.
Joshua tate
Joshua Tate
Chaz and his team and performed multiple installs and retoolings for me and my company. They are experts and get the job done. If there are any issues they handle them. I couldn't be a bigger fan of Laundry South. If you are considering using them, do it.
Tim hubbard
Tim Hubbard
Chaz is great to work with. Super knowledgeable, easy to work with, and follows through! He's always open to help and offers sound advice backed by years of experience. I'm looking forward to working with him for a long time
Richard harrison
Richard Harrison
We have been doing business with LaundrySouth for years and all of our dealings have been very professional. They are friendly, helpful, customer service minded, and take care of their customers.

Our Premium Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment—The Upgrade Your Business Needs

When it comes to ensuring the success of your laundromat or shared laundry facility, the choice of equipment plays a significant role. That’s where we step in. We offer a range of coin-operated machines that meet and surpass your performance, durability, and efficiency expectations. 

  • Dexter Coin washers: These are designed to excel in commercial laundry settings. They have earned a reputation for their long-lasting performance, making them a preferred choice in the industry.
  • Dexter Dryers: Dexter Dryers are the perfect companions to Dexter Washers, offering high-performance drying solutions for commercial laundry needs.
  • Stacked Washer Dryer: These units represent a space-saving innovation in the world of commercial laundry.

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Guiding You Towards the Ideal Laundry Machine for Your Needs

Partnering with Laundry South is synonymous with positioning your business for long-term success. Here is why.

Superior Quality and Durability

Our machines are engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of a commercial laundry environment, providing you with a reliable and consistent laundry solution for years to come.

Energy Efficiency

The cost of operations can impact the profitability of any business. Our machines incorporate advanced technologies, such as high G-Force extraction, fast drying cycles and programmable controls, all of which contribute to reduced energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance.


Whether planning to start a laundromat or expand to other locations, Laundry South offers tailored solutions to meet various business needs. Our diverse range of coin-operated machines ensures that as your business grows, your equipment can seamlessly scale alongside it.

Equipment Leasing

Our leasing options empower you to acquire top-quality coin-operated laundry equipment without the substantial upfront costs associated with purchasing equipment outright.

Comprehensive Support

By choosing Laundry South, you're not just acquiring laundry machines; you're gaining a long-term partner committed to your success. Our comprehensive support services are designed to address your unique needs and challenges, allowing you to focus on running a successful and profitable laundry business with confidence.

Dedicated Customer Service

Laundry South's team of knowledgeable and dedicated customer service professionals is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues you may encounter. We prioritize quick response times to ensure your business operates smoothly without unnecessary disruptions.

Customer Love us


Achieve Business Success with Top Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment in Memphis

We supply quality coin-operated washing machines and take pride in offering a wide range of services specifically designed to support your business operations. From site selection, design, and layout to installation and ongoing maintenance and repairs, our team of experts is available to ensure your laundry business runs seamlessly and efficiently at every stage of operation.

If you are seeking top-in-class coin-operated laundry equipment in Memphis to boost the productivity and efficiency of your laundry facility, our team is ready to help. Contact us today, and let’s work together to find the right equipment selection for your business needs.

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