Are you Looking for the Best Coin Operated Laundry Equipment in Montgomery, AL?

Are you interested in establishing a profitable laundry business? Investing in high-quality coin-operated laundry equipment in Montgomery, Alabama, is essential. Selecting the right equipment is pivotal for your success, as it directly impacts operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, understanding your target demographic, developing a sound financial plan, and choosing a prime location is equally critical for success. Laundry South is a premier turnkey solutions provider for commercial coin laundry systems. With over 16 years of industry experience, we understand what it takes to boost efficiency, maximize profits, and improve customer pleasure in your business.

Melia c’mone
Scott is wonderful! He always comes in nice and friendly. We can always be assured that any issues we are having with the laundry services will be taken care of once he leaves here at the Courtyard Marriott
Forest creek of ruston llc (forest creek apartments)
Forest Creek of Ruston LLC (Forest Creek Apartments)
Scott Adcock with Laundry South has been servicing our laundry equipment for several years. He is professional, knowledgeable and dedicated. He will trouble-shoot until he identifies the problem and makes the repairs. We love Scott and his willingness to listen and interpret! He always has a smile and friendly attitude. Analyse is amazing as well and always goes above and beyond.We highly recommend Laundry South and Scott!
Quality inn
quality inn
Scott is the the BEST , I really like how through he is and very knowledgeable.
Gabrieal powell
Gabrieal Powell
Mr Scott Adcock did exactly what he was suppose to and truly recommend him and the company for quality work. Very professional.
Mende alford
Mende Alford
We have been a customer for 18 years. The service given by Chaz and his staff is impeccable. Anytime we have called they have been to our property within a 24 hour period. The last time we had Scott come to our facility and we was very knowledgeable and persistent on getting our problem fixed. We highly recommend!!
Blake sullivan
Blake Sullivan
Very good experience doing business with Chaz Ramsey at Laundry South.
Kishan gopal
Kishan Gopal
Chaz Ramsey has been our representative for over 20 projects; he always works with us on pricing but more importantly has always delivered on service not just in town but through multiple states.
Joshua tate
Joshua Tate
Chaz and his team and performed multiple installs and retoolings for me and my company. They are experts and get the job done. If there are any issues they handle them. I couldn't be a bigger fan of Laundry South. If you are considering using them, do it.
Tim hubbard
Tim Hubbard
Chaz is great to work with. Super knowledgeable, easy to work with, and follows through! He's always open to help and offers sound advice backed by years of experience. I'm looking forward to working with him for a long time
Richard harrison
Richard Harrison
We have been doing business with LaundrySouth for years and all of our dealings have been very professional. They are friendly, helpful, customer service minded, and take care of their customers.

Maximize Your Property's Profitability

According to the Coin Laundry Association, laundromats typically generate over $5 billion in nationwide gross annual revenue. Regardless of the weather or state of the economy, the demand for clean clothes remains constant. Indeed, trends may come and go, but the appeal of fresh clothing always stays in style. 

For this reason, running a laundromat presents a unique opportunity. It allows you to offer a necessary service while enjoying a steady income stream. With a suitable business model and carefully selected equipment, you can establish a loyal customer base that relies on your services for their ongoing laundry needs. 

The best part? Technological advancements in commercial laundry equipment have led to the development of highly efficient coin laundry equipment with cutting-edge features such as powerful g-force extraction, fast drying cycles, large-capacity wash tubs for high-volume use, and a wide range of programming controls. This is critical in reducing overhead expenses like natural gas, electricity, and water usage, generating more revenue, and attracting customers seeking faster laundry cycles. 

Particularly with Dexter washers and dryers, laundry customers can complete a cycle in less than an hour, allowing laundromat owners to enjoy 60 percent or better utility cost reductions. The Express washers feature a final spin-speed of 200G-Force, which is twice as fast as non-Express models – laundry retains less water, leading to quicker drying times.

Our Dexter commercial coin-operated dryers are also designed for maximum efficiency, with large-capacity fully perforated cylinders, balanced airflow, and optimal air recirculation for superior drying performance. Moreover, the long-term durability of their commercial-grade components means fewer replacements and repairs, saving you both time and money in maintenance.

Your Valued Partner in the Laundry Industry

When purchasing coin-operated laundry machines, you want the best for your facility. We use our extensive experience in the space to help you find the perfect commercial laundry equipment and back it up with additional services to support your business. Among them include:
Coin operated laundry equipment in montgomery, al

Over the years, we have established lifelong business partnerships with leading manufacturing brands like Dexter, demonstrating our commitment to sourcing the latest and most advanced vending technologies on the market. Dexter’s coin laundry washers and dryers provide unmatched quality and durability. Furthermore, their warranties stand as the industry’s finest.

You can find a range of vended equipment designed to cater to your specific commercial environment, including high-spin coin/card models, tumble dryers, and convenient stackable washer/dryer units. We stay committed to tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs of your apartment building laundry or laundromat, ensuring you receive the best possible laundry experience and outcomes.

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Setting Up Your Laundry For Success

While top-grade commercial laundry machines may require a higher initial investment, they significantly improve operational efficiency and guarantee long-term cost savings for your laundry facility. Ultimately, it’s all worth it. It’s an equipment investment and investment in your laundry facility’s future prosperity and success.

At Laundry South, we work to understand your laundry equipment needs and design a solution that fits your situation. We want to make your transition to top-quality coin operated laundry equipment in Montgomery, as smooth and seamless as possible.

Contact us today to find the ideal laundry machinery to keep your laundromat running optimally.

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