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We offer coin laundry equipment to businesses in Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas. Partner with us today and we’ll kickstart your coin laundry.

Commercial Laundry Services From Laundry South

If you’re considering starting your own laundromat or upgrading an already operational business, having the right coin-operated machinery is key. And, with Laundry South, it’s easy too.

To get started with the latest coin-operated laundry technology in the industry, you need to get in touch with Laundry South. Call today and we’ll help you kickstart your coin-operated laundromat.

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End to End Support

Our team doesn’t just take one aspect of coin laundry and call it a day. We do everything related to commercial laundry equipment under the sun.

That means that we tackle equipment sales, installs, repairs, maintenance, aftermarket parts, rentals, and so much more. No matter what it is that your team needs, we’re here to help you through end-to-end support.

Your Laundry Machine One Stop Shop

We’re a one-stop shop for coin-laundry equipment. With our team, you know that you can get all the services you require. whether you’re looking for washers and dryers or accessories, we’ve got you covered. Our coin-operated washer and dryers for sale and extensive accessories list ensure you’ve got everything you need to operate a successful business.

A stack washer dryer includes both a washer and a dryer in one simple piece of equipment. These space-saving modules are redesigned with a front opening system so that you can easily load laundry into the drum. Plus, you’re able to install more units than ever thanks to the stackable design.

If you’re wanting more traditional top-loading machinery, the classic Dexter dryers are for you. These heavy-duty pieces of machinery get clothes dried in as little as 45 minutes, allowing for a fast turnaround time and letting more customers use your services.

The perfect machine to pair with Dexter dryers, Dexter coin washers are highly efficient washing machines. These washers are top-loading pieces of equipment that offer several types of cycles and water temperatures to ensure your clients can clean their clothes to perfection. 

Looking for supplies and accessories to make your laundry room perfect? Whether you need spare parts to tackle some repairs or you’re looking for laundry supplies that enhance the laundromat, we’ve got you covered. Browse our commercial coin laundry supplies and accessories to find everything you need.

If you just want assistance getting your machinery installed, repaired, or upgraded, we can help there too. We offer services that support your business in tackling all the more technical aspects of running a laundromat.

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Interested in Starting a Laundromat Business?

Coin laundry equipment for sale

Commercial Coin Equipment Service Areas

Our commercial coin equipment team services numerous Southern states, providing service to all counties in Mississippi as well as numerous counties in Eastern and North Louisiana, including:

We don’t stop there, either. Our team is proud to provide coin-operated laundry equipment to Baldwin and Mobile Alabama as well as several counties in Tennessee

Finally, you’ll find us located in multiple counties in Arkansas, too:

With all these service areas, we’re able to ensure that you have access to the commercial coin-operated laundry equipment you need. Regardless of where in the south you’re located, we’ll help get your coin-operated laundry working the way it should.

Interested in Coin Laundry Equipment?

Got laundry? Laundry South has the right coin laundry equipment for your facility. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a plan that’s right for you.

How to Start a Laundromat Business with Laundry South

Are you ready to launch your own laundromat business? We think of everything – from the washers and dryers to the furniture to the change machines — all the way down to the “do not overload” signs on the wall. Check out our simple process for getting you set up with the services you need.


Pick a coin laundry location with the demographics you need to succeed


Build a financial pro-forma with equipment and operating costs included to see how much you might earn


Draw up plans for an inviting and customer-friendly coin laundry layout


Connect you to a financing partner to reduce the size of your initial investment in equipment and store build-out


Train you and your staff on proper coin laundry equipment operation


Send out experienced technicians to keep your coin laundry washers and dryers running their best. Commercial coin laundry repair services.


Laundry South can advise on the right mix of coin-, card-, and app-based payment systems for your coin laundry location. We will implement a payment solution which is easy for your customers to use and easy for you to monitor.

Dexter Live
American Changer
Dexter Pay
Standard Change Makers
Fas Card


Laundry South will equip you with all the essentials for a vended laundry operation – laundry carts and poles, tables and chairs, soap dispensers and signage.
R&B laundry carts
Sol-O-matic chairs
Sol-O-matic tables

Create the Perfect Coin-Operated Laundry Business

With coin-operated laundry, you’re able to provide services to customers in a simple and effective manner. If you’re ready to upgrade your coin-operated laundry business or to kickstart a new coin laundry, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you make that happen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Laundromat?

The cost to start a laundromat varies, but typically the initial startup costs come in as low as $200,000 which is a lot lower than many other businesses!

Are Laundromats Good Investments?

Yes! Laundromats are great investments, especially in parts of town which aren’t yet served by a well-maintained laundromat.

Where Can I Purchase Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment?

You can purchase coin-operated laundry equipment from Laundry South! 


Laundry South is proud to support entrepreneurs across the South – from Monroe, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.



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