How to Buy Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels

Around the world, hotel occupancy rates are recovering to pre-pandemic levels. Some hotels are doing better now than they ever have! As travel restrictions continue to ease, this trend is expected to continue.

When preparing your premises to return to high occupancy, don’t overlook your commercial laundry equipment. Imagine the chaos if your machines broke down at the height of the season!

To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s worth investing in good quality, built-to-last machines. With all the brands out there, the choices can be overwhelming. So we’ve answered the most common questions about commercial laundry solutions for hotels.

What Is the Lifespan of a Commercial Laundry Washer or Dryer?

Each washer or dryer can easily last 10 years. If well-maintained, some can last up to 20. Hence the importance of choosing the right model!

How Many Loads Can Machines Do a Day?

All equipment has a usage limit. Smaller machines designed for residential usage can’t run all day every day. But that’s what commercial laundry solutions are designed for.

You never have to worry that you’re washing or drying too many loads a day. Well-maintained equipment can last its full lifespan even though it’s running constantly.

Should Hotels Lease or Buy Commercial Laundry Equipment for Hotels?

Hotels typically purchase equipment. As commercial laundry equipment is a constant need, leasing temporarily is a more expensive solution.

However, our leased machine contracts include maintenance and repairs. We also charge no upfront cost for leased equipment. Therefore, some hotels prefer the simplicity of this option.

Important Features for Hotel Laundry Equipment

Whether you lease or buy your machines, it’s important to pay attention to machine features. Each hotel property’s needs are best addressed by different machines. And the impact on cost and convenience of choosing the wrong model is huge.

Be sure to consider all five of these points when buying for leasing:

1. Load Capacity

Though commercial laundry solutions are designed to run all day, they still come in a variety of sizes. Bigger isn’t necessarily better – your laundry needs will help you determine which size is best.

After all, if you invest in the largest machines out there, you might have to wait a while before the drum is filled. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting water and money.

So before investing in new equipment, assess your current laundry machine usage:

  • How much laundry do you need to wash and dry daily?
  • How often do you want to be running your machines?

Both of these questions will inform the size of the machines you’ll need.

2. Stackable Machines

Stackable machines are most popular for their space-saving design. Hence they are favored by many hotels that have small laundry rooms. When discussing your needs with us, we can help you determine whether stackable machines are the right choice for you.

3. Coin-Operated Options

Having coin-operated machines on your premises allows guests to use them at their own leisure, as opposed to waiting for a daily laundry service. This also frees up staff time that would be spent caring for guest laundry.

Whichever method you prefer for this extra revenue stream, we’ll help you find the right machine.

4. Eco-Friendly

Many more modern machines focus on saving water and electricity. This in turn saves money on utility bills. However, some eco-friendly cycles take longer, which doesn’t suit all hotels.

5. Reliable Dealer

Far more important than the machine itself is the distributor you purchase it from. When inevitable maintenance and repairs are required, a reputable dealer will make this a painless process. And if a machine happens to be faulty, they’ll replace it immediately.

Are Maytag or Dexter Brand Machines More Popular?

Both Maytag and Dexter brands are equally popular with hotels, but for different reasons.

Dexter machines are favored for on-premise needs. Their size, durability, and economic running costs are well-suited to hotel laundry needs.

Maytag is also popular with hotels, but not for the general hotel laundry. These machines are most often used by guests for washing and drying clothes. They run less often and have smaller loads.

What to Do When Machines Need Repairs

Before you buy your equipment, check the distributor’s terms and conditions. Ideally, your equipment should come with a long-term warranty. Your distributor should also have a process for handling repairs swiftly.

Then when your equipment needs repairs, you can call your distributor.

The Purchase Process with Laundry South

When you buy or lease with Laundry South, we take care of everything. At the outset, we’ll help you choose which machines are best suited to your hotel’s needs. Then we’ll discuss both buying and leasing options, to see which would work best for your business.

But our services don’t stop after the ordering process! We’ll deliver your commercial laundry equipment and install it ourselves.

We’ll even handle maintenance and repairs that are needed down the line.

Update Your Equipment Now!

As worldwide hotel occupancy continues to increase, now is the time to invest in your commercial laundry equipment. Whether you decide to buy washers and dryers or lease them for added benefits, you need to work with a distributor you can trust.

Laundry South has been serving customers since 2007, and our team has over 50 years of laundry expertise. We sell, lease, and repair commercial laundry machines in 5 states, and have served over 1000 customers!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your hotel’s laundry needs and receive a free quote!

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