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Laundry South Offers Sales, Leasing, Parts, and Maintenance of High-Quality Commercial Laundry Equipment in Tennessee.

Areas Served: All Counties for the State of Tennessee

Since 2007, Laundry South has provided commercial laundry equipment in Tennessee. We are a service-oriented firm dedicated to providing our customers with excellent commercial laundry equipment at great prices, along with the highest level of customer support.

Coin laundry machine for sale

Reliable Coin Laundry Equipment and Coinless Laundry Systems

Coin-Operated Washer and Dryer Machines

If you want your laundromat to be a success, it’s crucial to install the right type of coin-operated equipment.

Laundry South can supply you with the most up-to-date coin-operated laundry machines at excellent prices. Contact us now to find out how we can improve your coin-operated laundry.

Contact us today to start or expand your coin-operated laundromat.

Coinless Laundry Machines

Every laundromat customer knows how infuriating it is to discover you don’t have enough coins to complete your wash. Fortunately, you can make sure this never happens to your customers by installing a coinless laundry system.

They’re cost-effective and easy to use. Customers simply pre-load a card with their payment method of choice. This allows them to launder their clothing using the coinless laundry system.

Laundry South has the experience and expertise to advise on exactly the right coinless laundry system for your company and target market. Contact us today to find out more.

Coinless Laundry Machines for Sale

We have an excellent range of coinless laundry machines for sale, including the large washers and dryers you won’t find in at your average retailer.

These are heavy-duty machines that can handle big loads ranging from 20 lbs. to 250 lbs. That’s a surefire way of ensuring that your customers can get as much washing done as they like all in one go.

Coinless Laundry Machines for Sale

Coinless laundry systems  has several benefits to coinless laundry systems for both the company owner and the customer.

  • Eliminates the need for coins
  • Streamlines reward and discount programs
  • Makes payment auditing easier
  • Increases payment security for laundries
  • Provides customers with more payment choices
  • Grows brand awareness with bespoke cards
  • Increases the number of installation choices

Coinless laundry systems can improve the services you offer customers while simplifying your admin procedures.

Get in touch with Laundry South today to learn how we can make your laundry systems more user-friendly.

On-Premises Laundry Equipment (OPL)

Laundry South can provide your Tennessee company with the most dependable and efficient on-site commercial washers and dryers on the market. Our top-quality laundry equipment is available to buy or lease, so we can always accommodate your budget. We also offer a complete parts, repair, and maintenance service package.

What Is OPL Laundry?

Many Tennessee companies are outsourcing their laundry services. Unsurprisingly, this often results in frustration, delays, and added expense.

Laundry South can provide your company with the perfect on-premises laundry setup. We’ll create a custom package just for you and can even help design your laundry room to maximize throughput and reduce working hours.

These are some of the sites and industries in Tennessee that we serve.

If you manage an apartment building or complex, you understand how critical it is to keep up with laundry. At Laundry South, we can assist by providing the optimal OPL system.

When handling uniforms that are an integral part of safety equipment, it is critical to have the proper washing and drying systems. Our team can install durable commercial washers and dryers that will protect turnout gear’s special coating.

We can provide high-quality washers and dryers capable of processing large amounts of linens, towels, and uniforms in any industrial situation.

When working with patients who have health conditions and the staff who treat them, hygiene is critical. Our commercial laundry equipment will keep your uniforms and laundry clean and sanitary.

We offer professional dry-cleaning presses, commercial washers, and ironers with a full parts and repair service.

Laundry South can supply and maintain everything from large top-load washers and dryers, suitable for dorm rooms and military facilities, to industrial washing and drying equipment for prison laundries.

With uniforms, bedding, and linens to consider, every hotel needs clean laundry on a consistent basis. We can supply the ideal laundry equipment to meet your needs.

Nursing homes, like hotels, require an abundance of clean linens, bedding, and clothing. We can provide commercial washers and dryers to help you maintain a clean, healthy nursing home.

Gyms and spas frequently require a large stock of clean towels, uniforms, robes, and similar items for their staff and clients. We can install the perfect commercial laundry solution for your establishment.

Does the laundry at your veterinary clinic or animal hospital pile up too quickly for you to cope with? We can supply the right washer and dryer to deal with it all.

Benefits of On-Premises Laundry for Your Business

An on-premises laundry (OPL) can increase efficiency and reduce costs by allowing your team to handle all your laundry needs on-site, rather than outsourcing them.

  • Enhances efficiency
  • Saves time for staff
  • Reduces costs
  • More convenient

Speak to our trusted team today to learn how OPL can benefit your business or organization.

Areas served: All Counties for the State of Tennessee

Laundry South Systems and Repair has its headquarters in Pearl and provides commercial laundry solutions to all counties across the state of Tennessee.

  • Over 50 years of industry experience
  • Woman and minority-owned
  • Over 1,200 satisfied customers served
  • More than 600 installations completed

Interested in Starting a Laundromat Business?

Dexter laundry machine distributor - commercial laundry equipment

Laundry Equipment Sale, Lease, Parts & Repairs

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Sale 

If you’re looking to buy commercial laundry equipment, you need a local distributor who can supply the machines you want at a price you can afford.

The friendly team at Laundry South can advise on exactly the right equipment for your laundromat, hotel, fitness center, government building, nursing home, or any other similar setting.

Call (901) 401-9503 Today

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Lease

Not every business has the funds to buy the commercial laundry equipment they want, but Laundry South has the answer. We offer on-premises commercial laundry equipment leasing for a fixed monthly fee.

Our leasing service covers everything from installation to maintenance and repairs.

Laundry Equipment Parts

It can be difficult to locate replacement parts for commercial laundry equipment, but you won’t have that problem when you’re dealing with Laundry South. We stock a comprehensive selection of commercial washing and drying machine parts and can deliver them to you fast.

Laundry Repair Services

Even the most advanced laundry equipment is not without its limitations. Our highly qualified technicians work with commercial washing and drying machines every day and can complete any repairs to your commercial laundry equipment fast.

Your Full-Service Commercial Laundry Solutions Provider in Tennessee

Laundry South Systems and Repair offers commercial laundry equipment sales, leasing, parts, repairs, and maintenance.

Call Laundry South today to learn more about buying or leasing commercial laundry equipment in Tennessee. Our friendly team will be happy to help!


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