Commercial Laundry Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Keeping a commercial laundry business running smoothly is a big responsibility. Customers rely on coin-operated laundries or on-premise equipment in various service sectors to perform reliably and quickly. Damaged or inoperative units can lead to downtime, which costs management time and money.

The experienced technicians at Laundry South appreciate how important it is to maintain every machine at peak performance. Our team is on call for  laundry equipment repair throughout Mississippi, and we also serve customers in northern Louisiana, the Alabama Gulf Coast, the greater Memphis region of Tennessee, and parts of Arkansas.

The Laundry South team is here for you whether you need repairs, maintenance, or replacement parts. You can contact us for a free quote and more information on keeping your commercial laundry machines in immaculate operating condition.

Commercial laundry equipment repair

Why You Might Need Laundry Repair, Maintenance, or Replacement

Most people probably think the commercial laundry market is all about coin-operated laundromats. A lot of other businesses rely on heavy-duty machines daily, though, and need someone to maintain them reliably. Many businesses can’t get through a day without a way to keep laundry clean. They’re otherwise vulnerable to complaints about health, safety, and code compliance.

Here are some reasons why your business model may need some maintenance or repairs:

Faulty machines do a poor job. Broken machines lose you money and customers, and they make a business seem broken by extension. Even a single machine performing below customer expectations can lead to negative perceptions and word of mouth.

Sites such as nursing homes rely on their commercial laundry equipment to deliver spotless results. This is more than a cosmetic concern: The health and well-being of vulnerable people can depend on thoroughly washed items from hospital-grade barrier washers and dryers. Care hubs working with subpar equipment literally turn their laundry into a liability and potentially compromise health and safety conditions throughout the facility.

Visitors often judge hotels and motels on cleanliness above all other factors. Guests expect clean, crisp bedding, and any operation that can’t deliver that will have unsatisfied customers looking elsewhere for their next stay.

Fitness laundry covers everything from sports squads and private gyms to educational facilities and recreation centers. Team uniforms, sweats, workout gear, and towels must all be well-cleaned and in ready supply to maintain hygiene, satisfy patrons, and keep team performance and morale high.

There are many other professions that may require expert commercial laundry services, such as firefighters looking to preserve the protective coating on their gear and industrial clients with large daily laundry turnover. Contact our team and we’ll help you deliver a polished performance, whatever your sector.

Commercial Laundry Services From Laundry South


Laundry South’s solutions are geared toward keeping customers profitable, maximizing throughput, and minimizing working hours. We can assist with every commercial need, helping to design the layout of a space to optimize every aspect of performance as well as providing the three core services of commercial laundry care:

Industrial Washer and Dryer Repairs

We provide repairs for every kind of commercial laundry washer and dryer and for every aspect of the products and model types we sell, install, and service. There’s nothing our team can’t fix, from standard commercial laundry machines to heavy-duty equipment handling upwards of 250 pounds.

Maintenance Services

The importance of expert maintenance services can’t be overstated. Laundry South can assess your existing equipment and offer advice on where it may need some help to continue running smoothly. We put maintenance first and will work with the brand or brands your operation is already familiar with. We offer ongoing preventive maintenance plans to help you avoid more costly repairs. If you need new coin laundry equipment, we’re an authorized Dexter distributor. We also sell and maintain B&C, Maytag, and Continental on-premise laundry equipment

Replacement Equipment and Parts For Laundry Machines

We supply reliable commercial laundry equipment parts and do the work to replace them. We provide all equipment at competitive prices with solid manufacturer warranties of five years on major dryer parts and 10 years on major washing parts. This is all backed by our ongoing customer care, should any issues arise.

Downtime can be disastrous, so you can count on us to remove and reinstall any parts or equipment without disrupting your business flow. Every dollar spent on repairs, maintenance, or replacement parts is a huge investment in your prosperity.

Interested in Commercial Laundry Equipment?

Got laundry? Laundry South has the right equipment for your facility. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a plan that’s right for you.

Why Laundry South Is Your Trusted Partner for Laundry Equipments Repair


Laundry South has been delivering a customer-centric industrial laundry repair service since 2007. Here are some of our achievements so far in our mission to care for equipment across many different sectors:

Here are a few benefits of working with Laundry South:

You can deliver 5-star service your customers can count on by getting in touch with us, and no issue is too large or small for our dedicated technicians to handle. Simply contact us to discuss any needs and concerns.

Laundry South Is the Go-To for Laundry Repair

The Laundry South team has built lasting relationships with our customers during our 14 years in business. We deliver quick quotes, perform rapid repairs and installation, and minimize downtime for businesses. We also believe in being there with ongoing advice and assistance long after any technical work occurs. You can contact Laundry South today for a free quote and more details on how we can help your commercial equipment stay functional, safe, and profitable.
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