What to Look for When Choosing Commercial Laundry Suppliers

commercial laundry suppliers

The commercial laundry business is booming, with more than 2,500 industrial laundry companies in the US.

This leaves you, the small business owner, with an overwhelming number of choices for commercial laundry suppliers.

What should you look for in a laundry supplier? Is it easier to just outsource your laundry needs? How do you know what type of commercial laundry equipment you need in the first place?

We’ll answer these questions and much more, so keep reading below.

What Are the Benefits of Having Onsite Commercial Laundry?

First of all, do you truly need in-house equipment in your gym, nursing home, or apartment complex? Isn’t it better to work with an outside linen provider that handles everything off-site?

Not necessarily. For one thing, you’re almost certain to save money by bringing your laundry operation in-house instead of hiring an outsourced provider. Commercial laundry suppliers offer a range of customized solutions to fit the size, needs, and budget of every type of business.

You’ll also benefit from having greater control over the quality of your linens. Have you ever received linens back that have holes, burns, or stains? You can avoid this frustrating outcome by doing your laundry in-house.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need exactly when you need it. It’s not uncommon for linen companies to get backed up during busy holiday periods or run into delivery issues due to severe weather. This could leave you (and your patients or clients) in the lurch!

What Commercial Laundry Solutions Can Do for You

Now that you understand the value of using commercial laundry suppliers, how can you find the best provider in your locale?

The most important item on your list is a company that offers full-service commercial laundry solutions. They need to do more than just drop off a specified number of industrial washers and dryers.

First, they should take the time to evaluate your business operation. Then they should offer a custom package that fits your unique circumstances.

Here are some relevant questions you might ask as you research different laundry suppliers. Of course, you can tailor these to suit your business, but these are the types of questions a reputable laundry supplier should be happy to answer.

Q: How Many Units Does a Nursing Home Typically Order?

A: Many nursing homes opt for two washers and three dryers. The third dryer is an important redundancy for your laundry operations in case one dryer goes down.

Q: How Do I Know How Many Units I Need?

A: A skilled laundry equipment distributor can advise you on this. For example, Laundry South will look at:

  • the number of beds in your nursing home facility
  • the type of care provided
  • the types of items laundered
  • the length of your operating shifts
  • the space available on-site

Using this information, they’ll help you select an optimal package for your business needs.

Q: Is There a Per Person/Per Machine Quota?

A: Again, the answer to this depends on the size of your facility and the volume of laundry you’ll be doing on a daily or weekly basis.

Q: What Are the Options for Apartment Complexes Looking for Commercial Laundry Equipment?

A: If you own an apartment complex, you can’t afford not to offer on-site laundry to your residents. 89% of new apartment complexes offer laundry facilities, whether in-unit or in a common laundry room.

To attract high-quality tenants, you need to offer them the convenience of on-site washers and dryers. Before you call commercial laundry suppliers to make an inquiry, consider the following:

  • how many washers and dryers you need
  • whether you prefer single or stack dryers
  • whether you need ADA-accessible front-loading units
  • whether you want to accept coin or card payments (or both)

Once you have the answers, give Laundry South a call. They’ll look at the number of units in your apartment complex, whether in-unit hookups are available, and the space available in your laundry room.

They’ll also consider external factors, such as the proximity of outside laundromats and the percentage of residents who might use them. With all of these details combined, they’ll help you select an optimal commercial laundry package for your property.

Q: What If I’m Starting a Laundry Business?

A: Finding a good location and conducting market research is only the first step.

Your business is only as good as the equipment you invest in. Whether you decide to purchase or lease your washers and dryers, you want to know that they’ll stand up to the demands of almost constant use. Look for a provider that offers only the top names in laundry equipment, such as Dexter Laundry, B&C Technologies, Maytag, and Continental.

You’ll probably also need professional guidance on how to best utilize your commercial space. Your supplier should be happy to inspect your business location and advise you on the ideal layout for the equipment.

Of course, no matter what type of business you run, you want the peace of mind that comes with ongoing support from your laundry supplier. If one of your machines needs new parts or repairs or is nearing the end of its warranty, you want a supplier who will be right there to address the issue ASAP.

Find the Best Commercial Laundry Suppliers Near You

Whether you purchase or lease, commercial laundry equipment is a major investment.

The right laundry supplier will do more than just install the equipment. They’ll evaluate your business operations so you get the optimal package for your needs. They’ll also provide ongoing maintenance and repairs to ensure your washers and dryers remain in good working order.

If you’ve been searching for the best commercial laundry suppliers, Laundry South ticks all of these boxes. We proudly serve customers throughout Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Give us a call at 901-401-9503 or use our online contact form to request a free consultation.

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