Commercial Laundry Service: 4 Things to Know

Commercial Laundry

With high-quality commercial laundry services making upwards of $5,000 per month, it is no surprise that you might want to run one. They are hard to start, though, as they need very specialized equipment to start. Do you know how to find such devices, and how do you keep them running?

Laundry South has several options available to help you, and below, we will list them. In the next few minutes, you can learn about the sales, leasing, and repairs offered and begin to decide on what you need. So, get a pen and a notepad, and start reading.

1. Commercial Laundry Repair Services

After your business has undergone laundry installation, you will need to start thinking about how to maintain it. This is very important, as your customers need to know that they can rely on local coin laundry services fast and without stress.

If you do not look after your equipment, you will find that your regulars will seek out the same services elsewhere. If this happens, then your reputation will stagnate. Not to mention the downtime your service will suffer.

In short, repairs will lose you money while waiting for repairs and refurbishment of your equipment.

You should try to find a repair-as-a-service company. By working with a laundry-as-a-service company, you can have certain assurances of quality. If your machines break down, a worker can visit to fix your laundry equipment or inform you of what needs to occur to get the machine working again.

By working with such a company, you can make maintenance plans for your whole laundry.

2. Commercial Laundry Equipment Sales

By making sure that you have working and high-quality washing machines, you can ensure that your customers get what they need. In short, they can wash large numbers of clothes fast.

Any machines that you buy will need to be functional, reliable, and have a good warranty on them. This is why you should work with a provider that you can trust to supply you with a good set of equipment.

Laundry South is one such supplier. They can work with you on either one sale or a long-term contract. They have many different kinds of washing machines and allow you to have options for both sales and leasing equipment.

Coin Laundry Equipment

The cornerstone of a functional and profitable laundromat is coin-operated washers and driers.

Investigate some of the leading makers of these machines so that you can find those with the best-engineered quality. This is the reason they are the most trusted brands, so they will have the machines you will want to buy.

You should also investigate the right-shaped machines for the facility you are running. You do not want to buy top-loading washers, only to have them not fit in your facility. Remember to make the best use of space, so if you can fit two front-loading washers in the same space, do so.

Coinless Laundry Equipment

These are newer than coin-operated machines. They use smartcards to allow customers to pay for their washing. This can have several benefits:

Accidents. If your customers are prone to leaving their cash at home, this can help them to overcome such problems. They can top up their card instead and are more likely to have it in a wallet or purse.

Running out. Having no quarters left in a laundromat is a common issue. It means that you will need to go home, carrying wet clothes.

By using top-up card machines in your laundry, you can instead give customers a much better experience. They will not need to carry their damp sheets through town anymore.

It is the future. Having a laundry that does not run on coins looks and feels more advanced. Those with a card also feel like a part of a club and have a small amount of “buy-in” to the location they associate the card with.

On-Premise Laundry Equipment

This is for if you are a business owner who often needs to get uniforms or other things washed. If this is you, the chances are high that you resent the need to move anything off-site. It would be much easier to get everything washed on-site.

On-premise washing and drying facilities do that. We would install equipment on your site that allows you to run through the whole washing process yourself.

3. Commercial Laundry Leasing

Instead of buying the equipment you need, you always have the option of working with laundry-as-a-service companies. By paying a regular price, a company such as Laundry South will visit you and deliver the washers and dryers you need to run a laundromat.

They will also cover repairs and replacements as necessary, saving you money on insurance and repair services.

4. Commercial Laundry Parts

As a locally owned and operated service, Laundry South can get parts for laundry equipment at short notice. Their experts can help you find the parts you need for any repair and also perform the repair if necessary.

Their commercial laundry solutions can handle any part of the coinless or coin laundry process you need them for.

What Next for Your Commercial Laundry?

You probably have many different plans for how to take your next steps into the world of commercial laundry. Before you get started, make sure you have covered all your bases and have everything in hand.

If, after reading this article, you are not sure what that entails, there are resources available to you. We are ready to help you begin, so contact Laundry South for more information about your commercial laundry equipment needs.

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