8 Companies that Need Commercial Washers and Dryers

commercial washers and dryers

Surprisingly, doing the laundry is the favorite household chore of most American households. Yet many people do not realize it is not just residential settings that need laundry equipment and machinery. So could your company benefit?

There are numerous organizations and companies that need laundry services. Read on as we give eight places that use commercial washers and dryers.

Places that Use Commercial Washers and Dryers

1. Government

Though many people may not think of it immediately, there are federal laundry services. They cater to the maintenance of government-owned clothes and fabric items, incorporating washing, drying, and pressing. Items may include uniforms, rucksacks, and linens.

While it crosses over with the military, the National Guard is a government organization that also requires commercial laundry services. This extends to areas such as the Forest Corps. Finally, laboratories under government jurisdiction will also need to use commercial laundry equipment for lab coats and protective fabrics.

2. Military

Being in the military requires clothing to look clean and professional. Yet it is an occupation in which you are likely to get clothes dirty and stained. As a result, laundry equipment is essential to keep the forces functioning.

When on operations, the military will use its military laundry service. A commercial third party will perform this service. When living in quarters, servicemen and women will do it themselves, meaning they need access to machines.

Most military bases will have a laundromat somewhere on them. Even larger ones may contain two or three.

3. Correctional Institution

Every day, correctional facilities process large volumes of clothing, bed linen, towels, and sheets. They can often be running around the clock, meaning laundry equipment must be robust and built to last.

Machines are manned by inmates. Safety is of paramount importance with them for this reason. Programmable machinery with automatic chemical dispensers is essential, so users do not make contact with dangerous chemicals.

4. Dry Cleaners

Laundromats bring around $5 billion in revenue to the US per year. As living spaces become more compact and household white goods more expensive, it stands to reason the desire to wash and clean away from the home will become bigger.

When dry cleaning, a mix of machinery is needed. In some cases, large bulk loads may need to be washed and dried quickly. At other times, special treatment for specialist items and fabrics is needed to ensure the shape and design of the clothing are kept.

5. Fire Department

Fire departments need to wash clothes for hygiene, aesthetics and because they can be a safety hazard. As they come into contact with hazardous materials, robust washing machines need to remove all contaminants. If not, it could pass on to the public and the wearer.

For this, programmable machines are essential. Certain temperatures will need reaching to disinfect various pollutants. As this clothing is often heavier than average residential washing, machines must also be durable.

6. Fitness and Athletics

All over the country, there are teams and groups that need clothing washed on a daily basis. From team kits to staff uniforms and towels, all premises will need laundry equipment.

Fitness and athletics do not just cover professional sports clubs and teams either. The fitness industry is growing at an exponential rate, with everything from gyms to yoga clubs popping up all over. They all require large machines that can wash in bulk amounts.

7. Nursing Home

Nursing homes have a large job on their hands when it comes to laundry. Time is often at a premium, meaning machines that more or less do the job themselves are an advantage.

In addition, the scope of cleaning is wide. Not only do stains and food waste need removing, but often biological waste can require washing. Both clothing and bed linen are the main sources of laundry.

In many of these instances, washing requires thermal disinfection.

8. Hotel And Motel

Hotel and motels are another industry where a quick turnover is required. Some larger hotels will even send their laundry out to a third party. For smaller operations, a series of reliable machines capable of carrying heavy loads are needed.

If the hotel has an attached restaurant or additional hospitality, this need becomes even greater. Towels and table cloths also get added to the pile.

One way for the hotel and motel to increase their own revenue is with coin-operated laundry. This allows them to provide a service where travelers can do their own washing. By installing a vending machine selling cleaners and detergents, they can also increase the revenue by selling additional products.

Commercial vs Residential Machines

While commercial and residential machines can often reach the same temperatures, there are a number of reasons you should never use a residential machine in commercial settings. The first is capacity. Commercial machines are often able to handle much larger loads.

After this, consider the warranty. Residential machines will have a few years of warranty when bought, but this is void if they are used commercially. Commercial machines may have a higher initial cost but they will bring savings in the long run and are designed for much more wear and tear.

As a business, you can also claim some of your equipment costs back in tax. This is why it makes much more sense to buy a commercial machine.

Commercial Washers And Dryers

If you need laundry in your organization, consider whether you could benefit from large-scale commercial machinery.

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