Dexter Laundry Equipment in Alabama, A Complete Guide

Dexter laundry equipment

1,000 loads of washing are started in the US every second. A large proportion of these loads happen in commercial washing machines.

Dexter is one of the most popular brands in the nation for commercial washing and drying equipment.

If you’re looking to lease or buy Dexter laundry equipment in Alabama, or learn a little more about their products, keep reading.

Dexter Laundry Equipements

Dexter products have been manufactured in the USA since 1894. In the early 1900s, they made hand-and-foot powered equipment popular at the time. Their founder was always trying to make their machines more useful and affordable.

Today, Dexter has been manufacturing electric washing machines for around 70 years. They are one of the most trusted brands for commercial high-capacity solutions.

Why Is Dexter so Famed in the Industry?

Dexter is known for being durable and reliable. Their products have earned their fame. Customers invest in these machines because the products are worth their price tag.

Their laundry technology is also cutting edge. Consider just a few of their state-of-the-art features:

Moisture Detection System

The moisture detection system monitors when laundry reaches the desired dryness level. Instead of wasting money and energy over or under-spinning, this system:

  • Saves on utilities
  • Increases throughput
  • Increases laundry lifespan

Fire Response System

This technology constantly monitors the temperature inside your machines. Even long after a cycle has finished, it will notice a spike in temperature. The machines will then trigger an alarm and spin the load to try and smother a potential fire.

More advanced upgrades include an inbuilt spray or dousing system to put out the fire and preserve the equipment.

DexterLive and DexterPay

Dexter has developed cloud-based networks to make the process even smoother. This includes analytics and payment software.

DexterLive is a network that connects your machines to your device. The software enables you to monitor analytics and remotely manage your machines.

DexterPay software enables machine users to pay for their laundry online. Plus, all the analytics of customer habits and machine usage come right back to you.

Which Businesses are Dexter Products Best Suited to?

Because of their size and durability, Dexter products are most often used by businesses that frequently wash large loads. These businesses include:

  • Dry cleaners and laundromats
  • Hotels, motels, and other vacation rental complexes
  • Nursing homes
  • Fitness centers and other athletic facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Government and military facilities
  • Correctional facilities

Even businesses outside of these categories use Dexter. There are several reasons other businesses might invest in commercial washing machines. Most typically these:

  • Need high-capacity cleaning equipment
  • Need an extra revenue stream
  • Have on-premises laundry needs

In all of these cases, investing in commercial washing services could save money in the long run.

Dexter Distributor Options

If you’re a business looking to invest in Dexter washing and drying solutions, you need to get in touch with a distributor. From a Dexter distributor, you then have two options: buying or leasing the machines.

Both have pros and cons. Our staff can help you choose which option will work best for you in your free consultation.


Buying Dexter washing machines is a large up-front investment. However, Dexter does offer financing options to spread the cost out over time. Their interest rates currently start at 5.49%.

Buying your washing and drying equipment means that you have full ownership from day one. If you have the capital, this can save on long-term leasing fees. However, it also means the upkeep is your responsibility.

For Dexter laundry products to wash at such high capacity near-constantly, they require maintenance. A well-maintained machine saves owners time and money in several areas, including:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Less frequent linen replacement costs
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Less water usage
  • Less chemical usage
  • Lower energy bills
  • Less unexpected repair bills

When a business owns its commercial washing equipment, these responsibilities are all theirs. Ensuring a regular maintenance schedule is another cost consideration.

On the other hand, leasing contracts take this work away from you.


One of the major pros of leasing your washing and drying solutions is the lack of up-front cost. No large capital expenditure is required to start your contract.

Most attractively, maintenance and repair services are included in your monthly lease fee. These keep your laundry facilities operational as much as possible.

Plus, our fee never changes. When machines need major repairs or even replacing, everything is covered by your fixed monthly payment. Say goodbye to unpredictable expense fluctuation – we cover everything!

And though you never own the machines, leasing can actually save you money. That’s because our service is a tax-deductible expense, rather than a capitalized asset.

You will always have access to the latest equipment, and never have to pay extra for expensive repairs.

Buy or Lease Dexter with Laundry South

At Laundry South, we pride ourselves on being not just a distributor, but a partner. Though our headquarters are in Mississippi, we serve customers in cities across Alabama, including:

  • Huntsville
  • Birmingham
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Montgomery

From your first free quote to committing to your equipment, we’ll help you figure out the best machine for your facility.

Even after your purchase, we continue to work with you. We don’t just deliver your products, we install your machines ourselves!

Further down the line, we’re speedy to help with repairs and maintenance. If your Dexter laundry equipment is leased, these services are even included!

Get in Touch Today!

Whether you’re looking to buy or lease equipment, Laundry South stays by your side. We make sure you have the best machines, and that they’re always running.

Our lease contracts include maintenance and repairs so that your machines never let you down. And if you’re looking to buy, we’ll make sure you get the best deal there is.

Contact us today for a free consultation. With over 50 years of combined expertise, our team will help you decide which Dexter laundry equipment are best for your business.

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