How Dexter Pay is Eliminating the Need for Coin Laundry

Dexter Pay

Did you know that the market size of the US dry-cleaning and laundry facilities was valued as being worth $10.51 billion in the year 2020? Additionally, this value is expected to grow. This is at an expected compounded annual growth rate of 4.0% between 2021 and 2018.

Considering the value of this industry, you know as someone who owns a coin laundry service that there’s money to be made.

However, you might be stressed about finding the best strategies to take advantage of this growth. Fortunately, with DexterPay, you’ll have a solution that helps you serve your customers best.

In this article, we’ll review this coin laundry solution that simplifies things for your customers and you. Finally, you can make your customers happier and make more money than ever. Read on to learn more.

Flexible Payment Options

Whether you have a coin laundry or provide residential units that have a shared laundry room among residents, there are many benefits you’ll experience when you use DexterPay. The first of these benefits we’ll cover is flexible payment options. With Dexter Pay, customers can pay using:

  • Secure mobile payments
  • Coins
  • Cards

As a result, your customers or residents who live in your residential units will have many options when it comes to how they pay for laundry. This is whether they prefer to use modern ones or more traditional ones like cards or coins.

This simplifies things for your customers or residents, who might not always have spare change on them.

Another feature of Dexter Pay payments is that your customers can pay as they go. They won’t have to pre-load any funds to their personal DexterPay account.

For all these reasons, your customers will be happier and, as a result, you’ll get more business. This will help you both maximize your revenue and increase your turnover.

More Insights

Another benefit that you get from Dexter Pay in addition to customers paying for laundry with flexibility is that you’ll get more insights into your customers’ habits, which will, in turn, help you grow your laundry solutions business. This is through the DexterLive Network.

This is a solution that connects Dexter machines seamlessly to the cloud. It provides you with unprecedented analytics, as well as control that makes it possible for you to manage your store anywhere, anytime.

You can also manage your store through the DexterLive Network from any device. It has many great new features, and DexterPay is one of them.

Since this system was launched in 2014, it has continued to evolve. Note that you can set up DexterPay for free once you’ve had a DexterLive network installed.

With more insights, you’ll be able to target return customers and optimize your marketing efforts. As a result, your customer base will become larger, which will eventually mean more money for your business.

No Hidden Costs or Annual Fees

Another benefit of using this commercial laundry equipment solution is that there aren’t any hidden costs or annual fees. Once you’ve networked your laundry location with DexterLive, your Dexter Pay access is free. The only time you pay is when someone uses the app.

Increased Revenue

With this commercial laundry solutions service, it’s easy to upgrade so that PLUS cycles are defaulted to “on.” This has two benefits. The first is that your customers will have a better wash experience. The second is that you’ll increase your average vend.

The Dexter Pay Loyalty Program

Through the Dexter Pay loyalty program, you have yet another way you can make your customers or residents happier with the laundry service you provide. This loyalty program is customizable and flexible. It also makes it easier for you to manage your business and reward your customers.

Increased Customer Traffic

Because they aren’t limited to using the cash they have on hand, your customers won’t be in a position where they have to wait until payday to get their laundry done. Additionally, with notifications that tell them their laundry cycle is finished, they’ll be in and out of your laundry location faster.

As a result, you’ll have increased customer traffic, which will make it possible for you to make more money.

Your Overhead Expenses Will Be Reduced

Another benefit you get from using DexterPay is that your overhead expenses will be less than they would be if you were operating your coin laundry or residential laundry service in a more traditional way. When someone uses Dexter Pay, the money will be deposited into your bank account directly.

With fewer quarters within your vaults, you’ll be able to reduce overhead costs, potential vandalism risks, and your collection cycle.

You Won’t Need to Use Third-Party Systems

When you use DexterPay, you won’t have to use third-party systems. Your technical support will all come from one single source and you won’t have to modify any of your laundry machines. You won’t have to integrate with another system, either, making the process of using Dexter Pay easier for you.

Want More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about how DexterPay can help you run your coin laundry or residential shared laundry unit so that your customers are happier and you’re making more money, you might want more information about this solution.

In this case, we at Laundry South can help. We provide a large variety of commercial laundry solutions for laundry businesses in Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas.

For more information about your commercial laundry solutions and equipment needs, contact Laundry South today.

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