Dexter Washer Troubleshooting: A Complete Guide

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When working with a commercial dexter washer, or any washer in general, the last thing you want to deal with is an error code. Some codes signify a quick and easy fix, such as ensuring the drain pipe is clear of any blockages, whereas other codes will require you to replace motors and electrical work.

Unless you are well versed in the error codes produced by a dexter washer, you may be stuck wondering what you need to do next. There is no need to worry; that is what we created this guide for. This brief Dexter washer troubleshooting guide will cover the most common dexter washer error codes and how you can fix them.

Dexter Washer Troubleshooting

If you notice your washer is giving you specific error codes, you may want to look into what those codes mean. It is very important to note that these warnings may come up, but they may or may not stop the machine from operating. If it is still running when it gives you these warnings, make sure you look at what the code means before shutting off the machine.

F1 Error Code

If you received an F1 Dexter washer error code, this means that the door is not locked. This also could indicate that the door did not remain locked during the cycle. To remedy this situation, check the fault code before you turn off the machine. Check to hear if the door is engaged; if not, turn off the washer and take a look at the wire connections. You may need to look over the P-4 wire connections at the PCB controller and adjust the lock mechanism.

F2 Error Code

If you receive an F2 error code on your dexter commercial washer, this means there is an issue with the water filling in the unit. If the washer tub does not fill with water within seven minutes, the wash cycle will continue, but it will flash the error code. The error code will go away at the end of the cycle, but this does not mean the problem goes away.

To fix this error, you will need to turn off the power to the washer. Be sure to take a look at your water valves to ensure that the water pressure is up to par. You could have an issue with blocked or restricted water flow.

F3 Error Code

An F3 error code means that your Dexter Washer has an issue with the memory in the controller. Check the VFD fault code before you turn off the power to the washer. You can reset the controller’s soft reset, but if there is still an issue, you may need to replace the PCB controller.

F4 Error Code

Error code F4 has to deal with miscommunication between the washer controller. In this situation, you will want to check the data cable first and release the cord of any tension if there is any. Be sure to turn off the washer before you do this.

Take a look at the P15 and be sure the connection from P25/24/23 are well connected. If everything looks good, turn the washer back on. You may need to contact a professional to double-check the washer if the problem persists.

Error Code F8

It isn’t uncommon for many Dexter washer owners to receive the error code F8. This code usually flashes when the washer tub does not completely empty within seven minutes. If it does not, the wash will continue, but it will have an issue draining the water.

Make sure that you wait until the cycle ends or turn off the machine if you receive this error. The common culprit for this error code is an issue with the pressure switch tube. If there are any blockages, the water won’t drain properly. Check out the pressure switch harness and clean it accordingly.

F14 Error Code

An F14 error code means that there is an over-current on the motor of the drive of the washing machine. When this happens, make sure that you check and see that the washer cylinder turns freely by hand.

If it does not, you may need to remove the belt before checking to see if the motor turns freely. If the motor turns freely, there could be issues with the bearings or the cylinder. If the motor does not turn freely, you may need to replace the motor.

If you receive this type of error code, you may not want to handle this on your own. There are a lot of electrical currents that run through your washer that you should not tend to or inspect if you don’t have the right equipment or the proper expertise.

Depending on where you purchased your washer, you may need to reach out to the washing machine dealer to see if they have any technicians who can check out the problem. If you are unsure what to do with the washer, reach out to the manufacturer for additional assistance.

Dexter Washer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your dexter washer is something that could result in a quick fix or something that may require a professional to come and handle. Regardless of the type of code you receive, there are several different resources available for you to review to at least help you understand what your washer is trying to tell you. As we mentioned earlier, there are some situations where you may need to call in reinforcements. If you found this article to be helpful, check out our blog for more tips!

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