Industrial Size Washers and Dryers: What’s Right for My Gym?

industrial washer and dryer for gym

Did you know that there are over 18,000 laundromats in the US? These businesses provide an alternative to having laundry machines at home. They continue to thrive because having clean clothes is essential.

Fitness and health are also essential to our daily lives. That is why a regular visit to the gym is necessary. Going to the gym combats health conditions and even diseases.

Gym owners can give members a better gym experience by providing laundry equipment.

Is your gym in need of laundry equipment? Then you have to know more about an industrial size washer and dryer. Keep reading to learn more.

Regular vs. Industrial Laundry Equipment


Having access to laundry equipment is an essential need for hygiene. Both industrial and residential laundry machines serve their purpose. One difference is in their functions.

An industrial size washer and dryer have more capacity than domestic ones. The average residential washing machine uses only about 41 gallons of water per wash. Industrial washers use more because they can carry larger loads of laundry.

When it comes to durability and reliability, commercial laundry equipment excels. Its design can handle almost any workload thrown at it. It can do many laundry cycles in a row.

Residential washing machines usually only handle loads of 19 to 20 pounds. This can be a problem for businesses that need larger load capacity. Businesses like gyms and fitness centers can opt for industrial laundry equipment.

The cost of a residential washer is cheaper compared to industrial ones. However, the residential washer will break down faster and need replacement much sooner than an industrial washer would. For businesses, it is best to choose industrial laundry equipment.

Another benefit of industrial laundry equipment is they are available for leasing. Businesses can lease heavy-duty machines for their facility. These machines come in packages that can cater to your specific needs.

Industrial Size Washer and Dryer


Commercial or industrial laundry equipment comes in different types. Finding the machine that is most suitable for your business is crucial. The right industrial laundry machine can help your business in many ways.

Light commercial washing machines are ideal for general use. These machines are best for daily washing of up to eight washes. They can handle towels and rags for cleaning gym equipment.

Stacked washer dryers are excellent in maximizing the space in laundry rooms. These machines can cater to more people. Their ability to stack on top of each other means you can have more in a single area.

An industrial laundry machine can handle big loads in a row. This feature is excellent for busy businesses.

If you want to avoid cross-contamination, you can choose barrier washing machines. These machines are usually in restaurants and hospitals. This option is great in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial.

Businesses can also choose coin-operated washing machines. These machines work when the customers pay. They are ideal for public washing rooms because they are efficient.

Benefits of Gym Laundry Services


Aside from providing exercise equipment, gym owners can also offer laundry services. The need for a laundry machine increases as more people go to the gym.

Gyms can provide members with towels and rags to help sanitize workout equipment. Having an industrial washer and dryer can cut the cost of laundry services outside. When you have a laundry machine in the facility, you have access to clean towels at all times.

Employees can enjoy the perk of having a laundry machine in the workplace. They can get sweaty while working with clients. With laundry machines, gym trainers and staff can have access to clean clothes while working.

The laundry equipment in the gym can give your customers an excellent gym experience. They won’t have to carry gym bags full of dirty clothes any more. It can offer convenience and better service.

Having a laundry service in the gym gives extra service to the customers. Gym members can leave the gym without worrying about their sweaty gym clothes. This service can increase customer satisfaction.

The commercial laundry solutions you give allow you to run your business better. You don’t have to pay for services outside to clean your laundry. It saves time by not having to go elsewhere.

Customers are willing to spend more to save time. You can provide extra services and earn more from gym laundry services. You can charge higher membership fees for laundry services.

Choosing a Commercial Laundry Equipment

The process of choosing an industrial washer and dryer can be overwhelming. Factors like brands, price, and capacity come into play. You can focus and narrow your choices by looking for these specific things.

Price or cost is one of the considerations for any business buy. Before buying laundry equipment for your gym, make a budget plan first. This step will help you set a realistic budget and narrow down options.

You can start by researching what brands offer equipment in your price range. Also, look at the warranty of these laundry machines. Doing this step can save you money from repairs and maintenance in the long run.

When choosing a laundry machine, consider the size and capacity. The space available in your facility should be enough for the laundry machine. Also, keep in mind future renovation and remodeling plans.

Knowing the machine features can also help in choosing laundry equipment. Some businesses look for energy-saving features. The machine’s ability to save water and electricity can cut the cost of bills.

Laundry machines operate in many ways. Before buying one, decide first on the payment options. It can either be through coins or coinless transactions.

Coinless transactions provide more simple payment options. Cashless options need an electronic payment system to function. You can read more about the two types of payments for laundry machines here.

The Best Industrial Size Washer and Dryer

Follow this guide to know what industrial size washer and dryer you should get. Remember that industrial laundry equipment can handle more loads. It can also give your establishment an edge over other businesses.

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