10 Tips When Buying Dexter Laundry Equipment in Alabama

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Laundries in the USA can often earn up to $300,000 every year with the right management. You need to know what you are doing and have made the right decisions in buying equipment and setting up the facility. Do you know how to do this?

Lucky for you, we have listed several tips below. They will make sure that you are asking the right questions when searching for Dexter laundry equipment. Bookmark this page and read on for the best advice you will find online.

1. Make Sure It’s From a Reliable Source

You want to ensure that your commercial laundry equipment is from someone you can trust. Some commercial suppliers do not make the effort to research and source the best equipment out there and expect the customer to do that instead.

Discuss your options with your supplier. They should be able to assure you that any equipment you buy is made in the USA.

Also, enquire about their warranties. Any supplier worth their salt will be able to discuss an industry-leading warranty with you. This way, you do not need to worry when a piece of machinery breaks down.

2. Investigate Dexter Laundry and B&C Products

Look into the details of every brand you think about buying from your distributor. There may be major differences that are not clear at first glance.

For example, if you are in Alabama, you can source both Dexter and B&C products from Laundry South.

Dexter products are produced in the USA. They also have a wide range of commercial options for the devices they create. Their products are great for not only coin-operated laundromats, but also hotels, nursing homes, and many more locations.

B&C, instead, offers both commercial and industrial-sized machines. These can work at a much higher volume, and as such are perfect for locations like hospitals or linen plants.

3. Decide Whether to Buy or Rent Equipment

When working with a company that both buys and leases out machines, you should understand the pros and cons of these options.


  • Demands a large initial investment
  • Allows you to own the equipment
  • You are responsible for maintenance
  • You will need to pay up-front or investigate financing


  • You can avoid a large expenditure early on
  • A flat, monthly fee covers much of the maintenance
  • There are no unexpected repair bills
  • You do not own the machines in the long run

4. Check the Cost

Make sure to note down how much any equipment you might plan to buy costs. This will let you consider your budget and make plans to raise the money needed to buy it up-front.

If it turns out you cannot buy the equipment, that is when you begin to consider leasing instead.

5. Check the Durability

You will want to research how durable the different brands of equipment are. This should be a major factor in deciding whether to buy one specific machine over another.

After all, why spend a large amount of money on specialist commercial laundry equipment if it will cost you more on maintenance in the long run?

6. Learn the Cost of Maintenance

There are two levels to investigating how much maintenance costs when searching for laundry equipment. First of all, look into how much a repair service would cost in the area. You can also look into the possibility of a monthly repair fee, rather than paying once per visit to your premises.

Second, you need to see how much money spare parts will be. These large machines experience significant levels of wear and tear. So, if you need to pay for these, this cost can quickly rack up.

Another option is to lease out the equipment instead. This has the potential of saving you a lot of money in the long term. This is even more true if you run a laundry service that caters to individuals with particularly hard-wearing clothing.

7. Remember to Measure Your Space

Do not forget that not all laundry devices fit in the same space. If you have one brand of laundry machine, do not assume that all similar types of machines will fit into the same area.

Measure the space in your facility, then consider the objects you can fit in there. Do not allow your proverbial eyes to be bigger than your belly.

8. Consider a Payment Plan

If you are buying up-front, you might be able to secure a payment plan. Talk to your equipment supplier, as many will have this option available.

Suppliers understand that getting into the laundry business is an expensive prospect. If they can see that you are serious about earning money, they will often be able to work with you to ensure that repayments are fair.

9. Do You Get a Warranty?

Make sure to check if there is a warranty for the equipment that you are buying.

A good warranty will pay for itself in the long term. A reputable company should cover any early breakages. A good warranty also guarantees a good relationship with your supplier, as you will both have the same idea of your rights from the get-go.

10. How User-Friendly is the Equipment?

Make sure that you get equipment that people find simple to use. People using a laundry service should not need a manual only to operate a machine on a normal spin cycle. Talk to your supplier about your needs here, and they can impress upon you what your options are.

The Best Dexter Laundry Equipment

Now that you understand more about the process of buying equipment, make sure to check out Laundry South. We serve Alabama customers in setting up and running laundry facilities in a way that is practical and useful. We have Dexter Laundry and B&S equipment available at a moment’s notice.

Our people are ready to give you advice on what we can provide, so do not wait to contact us. Send us a message or call us today for more information.

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